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Unhas Community Service Students Create Map for Handling Covid-19 in Je'netallasa Village

Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN) Wave 104 in 2020 was held differently from usual. Where students carry out KKN at their respective domiciles.

The Thematic KKN carries the theme "United Against Covid-19" with the aim of increasing awareness and participation of the academic community in preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 Virus which has been endemic for the last 5 months in Indonesia.

Various programs have been implemented to handle Covid-19. Post 4 Gowa Regency consists of 19 students and 1 KKN Assistant Lecturer who has carried out various activities in 7 different villages. One of them is in Je'netallasa Village, Pallangga District, Gowa Regency.

The program that has been implemented in Je'netallasa Village is Procurement of Spatially Based Village Data. "The work program that I am proposing is a long-term work program, where the results of village data in spatial form will be printed in map form and submitted to village officials," said Debby Pebriyani, one of the KKN participants at Post 4 Gowa Regency, Saturday (8/8/ 2020).

This 2017 student from the Department of Marine Science said that the resulting map contained general and special facilities in the village equipped with several Covid Handling Command Posts according to the KKN theme.

The printed map was then handed over to the Je'netallasa Village Head on Wednesday, August 5 2020 at the Village Office as one of the public facilities visited by many residents.

"In addition to the data and maps provided to the Village Government, I also provided short training for updating data which was attended by two village officials," said Debby.

Meanwhile, Je'netallasa Village Government Staff, Andika Aldila appreciated the map making program. "The short training provided via the Android application is very useful for adding new village facility points in the future," said Andika.

"What I have seen so far is that the work program of Unhas KKN students in increasing the awareness of the Je'netallasa Village community to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 is very intense. "So we fully support the program carried out by Unhas KKN friends, especially by presenting demographic data, general and special facilities in the village in the form of spatial data and maps, which really helps us as the village government." Andika added.