Youth Leadership Training at Barebbo District Scout Team Boosts Young Leaders' Potential -->
Cari Berita

Youth Leadership Training at Barebbo District Scout Team Boosts Young Leaders' Potential – Young individuals deserve leadership training to equip them with the skills of becoming capable leaders. This sentiment holds true for the members of the Penggalang Scout team across the Barebbo District.

From Saturday to Wednesday, August 12th to 16th, 2023, the Gladian Pemimpin Regu Pramuka Penggalang event took place at the Apala Campground in the Apala Village, Barebbo sub-district, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi.

This event drew participants from elementary and junior high schools, totaling 667 participants: 333 males and 334 females. The participants consisted of Assistant Leaders (PA): 333 males and 334 females, Deputy Assistant Leaders (PI): 37 males and 37 females, PA Trainers: 37 males, and PI Trainers: 37 females.

Throughout the event, participants were enriched with knowledge in areas such as Scouting Techniques, Leadership, Flag Ceremonies, Scouting Skills, Essential Scout Knowledge (SKU), Scouting Skill Levels (SKK), and Practical Scouting Games (SPG). 

These subjects aimed to continually enhance the participants' self-improvement and their mastery of Scouting principles. The training was conducted by skilled scout trainers from the Barebbo District Scout Team.

This event was also organized to celebrate the 62nd Scout Day in 2003. However, the primary objective of Dianpinru this time around was to foster the emergence of young potential leaders who are nurtured and equipped with a range of leadership skills. This preparation ensures that they are ready to carry forward the baton of leadership for the nation.

Furthermore, Dianpinru served as a platform to build a network of camaraderie among Penggalang Scouts. The event aimed to establish a strong sense of collaboration among fellow Penggalang Scouts within the Candi District Scout Team. Additionally, it is anticipated that Dianpinru will enhance the leadership skills and knowledge of all participating students.

Author: Tamzil

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