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SD Inpres 5/81 Samaelo Implements "Healthy Friday Movement" to Enhance Health and Learning Spirit

BUGIS WARTA.COM - SD Inpres 5/81 Samaelo in Barebbo Subdistrict has garnered attention with its implementation of the "Healthy Friday Movement." Through regular exercise sessions held in the school's courtyard every Friday, the school is committed to improving the health and fitness of its students.

This initiative, led by caring teachers, aims to ensure that students' bodies and spirits remain healthy and vigorous during their growth years.

The "Healthy Friday Movement" was initiated by Rahmatang, S. Pd, a Physical Education Teacher at SD Inpres 5/81 Samaelo. According to him, it is essential for students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, especially when a significant portion of their time is spent at school for learning.

With the exercise routine called "Joyful Healthy Exercise," students are encouraged to actively participate and maintain their physical well-being.

"After we started implementing this movement, students became enthusiastic and eager to join. We hope the 'Healthy Friday Movement' can become a regular activity at SD Inpres 5/81 Samaelo and achieve its intended goals," Rahmatang stated on Friday (04/07/23).

The initiative for the "Healthy Friday Movement" emerged due to a lack of enthusiasm among students to participate in school activities. Until now, routine activities mainly focused on environmental cleanup, which caused students to feel disinterested.

Through regular Friday exercises, it is expected that students' enthusiasm for school activities will increase.

"We aim to create a healthy environment that supports students' learning spirit. This movement has shown positive results, and we plan to continue implementing it with the same enthusiasm," added Rahmatang.

Not only have students supported the "Healthy Friday Movement," but parents have also appreciated the positive impact it has had on their children.

Parents are pleased to see that the school cares about the health and well-being of their children.

Hopefully, the initiative taken by SD Inpres 5/81 Samaelo will serve as an inspiration for other schools to focus more on students' health and learning spirit. With such healthy movements, it is expected that the young generation of Indonesia will grow up to be healthy, fit, and enthusiastic individuals ready to face their future.

Author: Tamzil Editor: Usman