Empowering Rehabilitation through Skill Training: Inmates at Rutan Watansoppeng Learn the Art of Knitting -->
Cari Berita

Empowering Rehabilitation through Skill Training: Inmates at Rutan Watansoppeng Learn the Art of Knitting

BUGISWARTA.com, Watansoppeng, August 10, 2023 - In a significant move towards rehabilitation and skill development, the inmates of Class II B State Penitentiary (Rutan) Watansoppeng engaged in a knitting training session on Thursday. This initiative aims to provide specific skills to female inmates, contributing to their personal growth and empowerment.

Yongki Yulianto, the Head of Rutan Watansoppeng, expressed that this training equips the inmates with the art of crafting various knitted items, such as cell phone holders, bags, and wallets. All the necessary materials required for knitting are provided free of charge.

Yongki explained that the creations resulting from this training will be marketed externally, with 50% of the profits directed towards the inmates as a source of income. The remaining portion will contribute to Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP).

He emphasized, "Beyond catering to the general public, the handiwork of the inmates will also be promoted through social media, with the assistance of female mentors. These creations are even showcased in visitation areas, where several visitors have already displayed interest in these remarkable pieces."

This initiative not only imparts a skill that can be utilized upon reintegration into society but also instills a sense of purpose and accomplishment among the inmates. The training not only fosters their creativity but also provides an avenue for them to contribute positively to the outside world.

The venture’s twofold purpose - skill acquisition and market engagement - resonates with the idea of rehabilitation, offering inmates a chance to enhance their abilities and take steps towards their own recovery and reformation.

In the larger context, this initiative echoes a progressive approach to the correctional system, moving beyond confinement and punishment to embrace the holistic development and reintegration of individuals into society. As these inmates learn the delicate art of knitting, they are also weaving a path towards a better future - one stitch at a time.